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This site is home to a vast collection of high quality Star Wars images and wallpapers spanning all six films.  You can browse through the archive, or do a keyword search if you're looking for something specific.  Try it out!

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4 April 2005

As of April 2nd, a number of publications for Revenge of the Sith have hit the street.  I've uploaded tons of new scans from several of these books.  Be sure to check out the hi-res section as well.  As always, I know I'm not exactly scooping anyone here with this update, but if you guys knew what I have to do to get these images uploaded, you'd understand why it takes me so long.  Maybe I'll write up the process some day so you can appreciate the work involved.  Anyway, enjoy the pics and as always, keep sending in anything I haven't got.  Oh, and one other thing: this does not look like CGI!

26 March 2005

The Official Star Wars Site updated this week, adding a flash page with some new content from Revenge of the Sith.  New character images as well as some excellent wallpapers are now available.  In addition, more spoiler images surfacing this week included an awesome panoramic view of Padme's Apartment Balcony from Spoileriffic, as well as a MagnaGuard Promo image.  If you've been paying attention to the right Episode III spoiler sites lately, you've probably already seen the pluthera of Visual Dictionary, Graphic Novel, and Comic Book scans surfacing.  While most of this stuff makes LFL very unhappy for a site like mine to host, expect another update very soon with some scans from other sources.

14 March 2005

A handful of images from the upcoming Visual Dictionary have surfaced today.  Awesome stuff, especially the Clone Troopers.

12 March 2005

Another big update.  Added a few cool new images I've neglected over the past couple weeks, including the ubber cool mechanical arm of Anakin.  And if you didn't already know, both the theatrical trailer and poster for Revenge of the Sith debuted this week.  Enjoy 120+ stills from the HD broadcast of the trailer.

1 March 2005

This update is long overdue.  The site has been down for a few days due to bandwidth issues.  I almost can't believe the exponential growth in traffic this place has been getting the last month or two.  But I guess with Revenge of the Sith fast approaching, this was bound to happen.  Anyway, on to the update.

I've added almost 90 new images today, most coming from the hi-res press pack over on  You can find browser-friendly versions in the ROTS section and hi-res versions in the hi-res section.  In addition, a few more random ROTS images that have surfaced on the net, including Tbone's latest images from

18 February 2005

Another day, another new set of hi-res movie stills.  This time coming from ubber popular film site  Thanks for the tip Jason!  TBone of seems to be getting into the act as well, posting some great new images including new shots from some familiar scenes, and promo shots of Padme and Captain Antilles.

17 February 2005

Even more hi-res stills.  Familiar shots of Anakin vs. Dooku, Yoda and Bail, Vader and the Emperor on the set.  Also a nice shot of Padme in a tense moment and a Jedi Council scan from a French magazine.

13 February 2005

More hi-res stills for your viewing pleasure!  Included are promo images of Bail, Chewbacca, Palpatine, and a wicked shot of Evil Anakin.

12 February 2005

A lot of awesome new images this week.  It now seems as if something new surfaces daily (if only I had time to update this site that often...).  First off, huge hi-res stills of some familiar shots.  Spoileriffic has leaked two more images - one of Anakin and Padme on her apartment balcony and the other a shot of Obi-Wan and Yoda in the Jedi Temple after the slaughter.

Additionally, more promo images from various media posters, more hi-res book covers, and a handfull of intriguing images scanned from a European magazine.  Thanks for the scan Pat!

Lastly, I've added a few more ROTS images submitted by some of you.  Thanks everyone for your contributions and please keep them coming.

4 February 2005

Some great new ROTS shots including a grim image of dead younglings in the Jedi Temple, Mace and Company in Palpatine's office, and Anakin wrestling Obi-Wan on the Mustafar conference room table.  Also some awesome shots from the new Revenge of the Sith comic from Dark Horse.